Turkey Europe Agreement

The Turkey-Europe Agreement is a significant diplomatic deal between Turkey and the European Union (EU) that was signed on March 18, 2016. This deal aimed to address the refugee crisis, which emerged in the wake of the Syrian Civil War. The agreement has had both positive and negative impacts on the EU and Turkey, and it continues to be a topic of debate and scrutiny.

The agreement aimed to curb the crisis by reducing the number of refugees and migrants crossing from Turkey into Greece and other EU member states. It proposed that Turkey would take back all “irregular migrants” who crossed into Greece from its territory in exchange for financial aid, visa-free travel for Turkish citizens, and progress in Turkey`s EU membership talks.

One of the positive effects of the agreement was the significant decrease in the number of refugees and migrants crossing from Turkey into Europe. According to the EU, the agreement reduced “irregular” arrivals in Greece by 98%. However, human rights organizations have criticized the agreement for violating the rights of refugees and migrants, who are forced to return to Turkey, where they may face danger or discrimination.

Another significant criticism of the agreement is the increasing tension between the EU and Turkey. The negotiations were often fraught with disagreements, with Turkey accusing the EU of failing to uphold its side of the bargain. As a result, Turkey`s EU membership talks have stalled, and both sides have accused each other of failing to honor the agreement.

Additionally, the agreement has had a political impact on Turkey`s domestic policies. The deal gave greater power to the Turkish government to control refugee flows, which some have argued has been used to crack down on political dissent and opposition.

In conclusion, the Turkey-Europe Agreement has had significant effects on the refugee crisis, EU-Turkey relations, and Turkey`s domestic politics. While it reduced the number of refugees crossing into Europe, it has also raised concerns about human rights violations and increased political tension. As the crisis continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the agreement will impact the future of the region.

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